Try to make your pants dirty.

Talhoffer's name appears again in the records of the city of Zürich in 1454, where he was chartered to teach fencing in some capacity and to adjudicate judicial duels.

My mother has a whale and a horse and a pizza and a pencil: I wonder if i get market too?

All radio traffic

Ferry man

out of the city

You have a real problem


in the hole

Do you know, such stuff happens all the time

Made a monster

Make him do it

He "jumped" of happieness.


The Alliance

I don't know the exact number

This value is in the source language




It's windy today.

Do you like wind?

No, not at all!

I was born in the 1980's

I was born in the 1980s

this is not cool

this is not "cool"

He's old

I'm a "great" warrior

The 1950's were 70 years ago. The aera for "early" rock.

Until we arrive England:

He could have arrested him.

They looked "amused"