With this site I like to test CSV and code.

Here we have ▓ and A and ⁋

Also: ÌB; € ÓF; ઠ are exisiting.

⏰ ― 🏋 ☀ ☁ ★ 🌈 😘 ✄ ☎

Some normal values whose translations are going to be changed via CSV.

Is it not enough?

Our hectic 70's.

Have a breal, have a KitKat

This: © means protected

The club is called "The Hiking Birds".

We went to Paris and had Cocoa.



He's here in the base

I was born in the 1980's

I was born in the 1980s

Animal Crossing: New Horizons lets players customise their own island and invite others to visit.

Some players in Hong Kong have used the platform to stage protests.

Players in mainland China had previously been able to buy foreign editions of the title from online marketplaces.

The country's censors strictly regulate video games and had yet to approve the title's formal release in the country.

Now, even local sites which had advertised imported copies have removed the listings.

It is not clear, however, whether this is because there has been an intervention by the authorities or whether the stores are proactively removing the product.

The BBC has asked Nintendo for comment.

Black moon = 🌚