On our ship

No sun today.

Tapping the tap?

Same stuff

A little bit more?

enough snow and ice

flight deck

elbow room

big enough inside

prepare for depature

deep space

3 carrieers

As fast as we can

What happened?

What is it?

Will I become crazy?

Supressed anger

shadows in the sun

meteorid man

You don't believe, the luck so close

Then they spit in your glas

cold water

Beef tounge

indian cowboy

who won?

windy ship

more nonsense

45 min with train

listen to me

I've been there

I know

All you have to do is lie

It will get better every hour

the wheel next to the cart

We are going home

All the small scratches

He smiled

Finally he got the deserved

Back to service

Selected for the court

The sun on red ground

Tired at home

lenses for the eye

I thank you colonel

He just ignored his reply

Finally free

When will I get my paid vacations?

APPLY will be translated?

Chainsaw Mountain

I got the new card

What card?

The new visa

very good

they also gave me back my passport

returned it unchanged

an undamaged

Over the sea.

So when Studio Ghibli sent out this tweet to their followers the other day, fans immediately stopped what they were doing, because the legendary drawing devotee needed their help.

2 hours in the train

I'll get a Subway after the injection

I hope it will not ruin my weekend

The documents are prepared

The big hand city

music in the Moring is good.

I need more money

It is dark and not bright again.

I'll first edit and then push the button

I'll first convert and then edit


talking dogs

swimming birds

one more will follow

It's stressful

But I can do it

Will be a taff week

Longer days

and more hours

I need to works faster

work more effective

not loosing my temper

Symptoms or not

All factions

Short term memory?

Culture book

More and more

I was doing it


random stuff

tarot game

Nerima is still Tokyo

8 times mpore than

stop it now


easter bunny

No damage

a lot of damage

did you deleted it

next step

many many orcs

the only ring

franks chain


not a king

just an earl

I need more

blood fly

take the spear

hold the axe

swing the sword


peach jam

new game

old luck

no orientation

cow salad

all fine with the swine

pizza hunter boy

will it be announced?

flying fingers

you are not on the list

50 wolfes

coin collector

black mirrors

I need to start packing

don't forget to call

there a many of them

who is them?

"Mister" Dolce

rescure me

I want to give you something sweet

The flash hit the building

Japan is battling a record wave of coronavirus infections just five days before the start of the Games.

Mister Piggy

Tens of millions of unpopular cloth masks

The government had planned to distribute two to every household.

Some had stains, tiny bugs and other contamination in their packaging.

remain in storage in Japan

Drunken officiers.

The police is policing

over the counter

I have a pen on the table

One time she got in trouble.

Never saw that, movie?

I was near the river

A simulation using a supercomputer shows the risk of infection

with the Omicron coronavirus variant increases when

people talk to each other within a distance of 50 centimeters

even when they are wearing masks.

Is ot so simple?

Who will attend the meeting?

I am not fond of doing it.

It would mean that I just will work 30 minutes on Friday!

The former mayo

nvading Russian forces

in a small room

armed soldier

unauthorized curry-eating

only supposed to be supplied

pay for the missed days

eating curry

was not eligible

their next pay check

Civil servants and government officials

a naval air station

An investigation into his curry transgressions

had been eating curry

The helmet was damaged

My fault!

I took too many men with me

It's a tricky situation!

I need to finish iut today

I can do it

A van with bed would be cool

Snakes on a plane

Gras eating cats