We are all waiting be be professional translated!

Same stuff

I was the boss

Emotions and such

Better not

it triggered speculation

Mr. Kim had sent birthday gifts

a Seoul-based website relying on anonymous source

an air defense unit

Senate Passes $484 Billion Aid Package

rejected his offers for years

Report offers insight

Central govt has authority to maintain constitutional order in Hong Kong: spokesperson

full and accurate implementation of the "one country, two systems" principle

overall jurisdiction over Hong Kong

Beijing issues plans for reopening sports venues

swimming venues and fitness places opened by using underground space will not be opened

More stuff

they wast your taxes

they mess up and than raise the taxes

Does it make sense to work when there is such a huge difference between gros and net?

nobody askerd the people about Olympia

Will I have to leave?

I'm not living for paying taxes!

Italy is south

The sun is east

it is morning

That was a hit

I like Mead

Dear boys

Will I succeed?

It's better to listen when recorded in the studio

I think the map is there

Sails in the windM

pause button

hard time in the prison

Will you get automatically added?

What is when I have both enabled?

Your chance guys

It seems that there are some bigger places

Jay is usless in that gamre

DAS is the shortcut for the "The Blacl Eye"

bottle opener

Dumbell collection

Cloth for the head

Stun him for a few more seconds

bad eyes in the head

while I was tyoing I was thinking

does it make sense?

hold your distance

BBQ sauce is awsome

Us reached word about that

Are 8kg much?

a funny, thin sword

Braveheart had a brave heart

Ond night on the floor

He tried to show no emotions


Reached the line

Advanced plan

Guard amored division

Today I get my table

A carpet/rug is coming as well

I hope they both arrive early

You want to know the reason?

I'll need to go today to the city office as well

Registering and changing the address on my residence card

Once that's done I should be good!

Something is "wrong" here.

How it "goes" it flows