Never before!

Spreading the arms

He gave me the following

A letter

If you want revange

Will the army resist

Rome wanted the war

Welcome the Denmark home of Ragnar.

I need to eat soon

I'm the baron of coffee and tea.

New Yok is also called Big Apple

The name for Chicago is Windy City

An ugly laugh

Here we have a link: PUSH ME!

They went 2 0.


That would be cool

Under the stones

spray can

Boy and Girl

A good ferry said
"Yes ok"

He can't be from the "South", because his skin is not "dark" enough

I have a 'Yamazen' tool

bought @Lima

He can't be from the South, because his skin is not dark enough

I have a Yamazen tool

bought at Lima

They screamed


I'm old (34)

I'm old 34

"bear", 'deer', [coat], (cat)

bear, deer, coat, cat

I'll add spaces via CSV.

I'll add spaces via XLIFF.

That night all started