Gandalf is not real

School!!SomethingHoliday FridgeEveryPLayyy

40 times

Hello Professor

A freind from the zoo

Meanwhile I checked all hints

Soon I'll get my insurance card

Since then I eat soup

I still remember very well

Here we have a Link Zelda

Gandalf has a hat

People with no fear are living a dangerous life

When he screamed while got stabbed

Some more words for the smoke check

The spear of the chubby man

He couldn't say what was happening behind him

I'm sorry that's me

Logan reached for the spear shaft

I'm born, in the in the 1980's. Time of "joy". Here: 100%; true.

Good day mister X



A thrird copy

All in all there will be 4 copies

You need to take him alive

No chance to receive a nice answer

No sign of fire